Parrot's time issue no. 1

Made to connect parrot and parakeet lovers around the world. 64 pages. Cover high gloss quality. Specialist journal for parrots and parakeets  - modern, informatively, critically and entertaining - the first issue is available 7,50 Euro plus dispatch 

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Made to connect parrot and parakeet lovers around the world. Magazine Parrot's time (64 sides contentsat a reasonable price and fairly in thesubscription (6 issues - one relation yearorderGive notice is not necessary with us! We inform yoif your subscription ends and yodecide whether yowant to read the magazine another yearThis is at first unusual, but the fairest solution, because it gives no subscription caseOur contented customers confirm thisPremium Subscriptions are available at € 41,40 for 6 issues plus postage of € 3,70 per issue for subscribers the international Issues. 


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